The Lurking Dangers Of Forex Robots Full

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The world of automated Forex solutions is very lucrative and is the scammer’s paradise. You may have already been subjected to the heavy marketing campaigns of one or more of these devices and the recipient of those long driveling sales letters.

If you were to believe any of these publicity messages, then nearly all the purchasers of Forex robots would now be extremely rich. However, reality paints a starkly different picture showing that about 99% of these products are just rubbish. Even the best ones only make money for short periods of time. A recent survey reported that the main reasons for failure are as follows:
  1. The robots made profits for periods up to 3 months before ceasing - 70%.
  2. The devices made pre-market income for their developers only- 5%.
  3. Any small profits that the products did make were eliminated by increased broker slippage - 10%.
  4. The devices did not even make profits for their designers - 5%.
  5. The robots only functioned on selected brokers’ platforms and then for brief periods only - 10%.
The above reasons clearly indicate that the designers of these products do not know what they are technically doing and have no idea how to trade Forex properly. In particular, the problem of optimization which accounts for 70% of all failure is way beyond the level of their intellect. Still this did not prevent them dumping their trash onto the market and attempting to claim a share of this profitable market.

Some scammers are so deluded that they claim that the buyers are at fault for the failure of their products. They state that the purchasers cannot expect to solve all their financial problems by buying just a $100 product. However, the scammers are overlooking the fact that it was they who portrayed this image in their pathetic and hideous marketing dross.

One of their latest stunts is to attempt to solve the optimization problem for their new robots by offering a monthly update service at a fee. I had to do a double-take on this remarkable offer because they are actually claiming that their products have an exceptionally low profitable lifespan.
In addition, their designs will need to be constantly updated to even stand a chance of coping with Forex’s constantly evolving nature. Unbelievable!

Please be advised that expert traders are well capable of designing trading strategies that function for long periods of time. As such, do not get taken in by the scammer’s ludicrous rantings.
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